Veteran Employment Protections Advanced by McAuliffe

Springfield, IL … Yesterday afternoon on a unanimous vote, State Representative Michael McAuliffe (R-Chicago) moved legislation out of the House of Representatives that would serve as an added protection to Illinois veterans, active military personnel and members of the military reserves seeking employment.

“We took a step today to continue to implement programs focused on protecting the civil rights of the men and women of our armed forces,” said Rep. McAuliffe. “Many veterans and current members of the United States Military are not fully aware of the laws already in place that protect them as they try to obtain employment during their transition to civilian life and also while serving on reserve and active duty.”

Specifically, the law would require the Illinois Department of Veteran’s Affairs to consult with the Human Rights Commission in informing all members of the U.S. Armed Forces that it would be unlawful for any potential employer to not hire them, regardless of their military status. The bill further states that any prospective employer who refuses to hire a job candidate based off of their military status could be subject to civil penalties in accordance with the Illinois Human Rights Act.

“While many veterans and current members of the US Armed Forces are able to seek and find employment outside of the military, there are many frequent instances where they are unlawfully discriminated against,” stated McAuliffe. “I am proud to see this legislation pass unanimously out of the House chambers and am happy to see our legislative body continue to protect the rights of the members of our military.”

The legislation, known as House Bill 3748, will now advance to the Illinois Senate where it will await consideration.