McAuliffe Looks to Keep Hepatitis C Taskforce Working

Veteran Lawmaker Sees More Work Ahead for Productive Group

Springfield, IL … State Representative Michael McAuliffe (R-Chicago) is looking to keep the important work of the Illinois Hepatital C Task Force rolling by extending the groups charter as set by the Illinois General Assembly as established in May of 2013.

“Many times, task forces here in Springfield just don’t take off or gain any traction,” said McAuliffe. “In this case, the interest and productivity of this group has exceeded all expectations. We met consistently and produced a number of solid legislative recommendations which is why I feel it’s important to keep it going.”

The group, which first met in February of 2014, has met consistently on a bi-monthly basis and has produced a multitude legislative initiatives aimed at curbing the growing issue of Hepatitis C in our veteran and senior communities. The group has also hosted Hepatitis C Day at the State Capitol which provides informational displays and brings leading medical experts and free screenings to our State’s capitol.

“Hepatitis C has been known as the ‘silent epidemic’ because of the lack of awareness of prevention and treatment for those infected with the virus,” explained Rep. McAuliffe. “After being personally touched with family and friends who have been tragically affected by the disease, I felt it was important to bring Hepatitis C into the forefront.”

“I am encouraged by the unanimous support from my colleagues in allowing the Task Force to continue. We’ve accomplished quite a bit in its first year, but there is always more work to do,” added McAuliffe.

The Hepatitis C Task Force was originally set to expire January 1, 2016. Once approved by the Senate, this date will advance to January 1, 2017. McAuliffe hopes to remain the chair of the group.