Measure Aimed at Expanding Mammography Coverage Advanced in House by McAuliffe

Springfield, IL … The House unanimously approved legislation, chief-sponsored by State Representative Michael McAuliffe (R-Chicago), expanding healthcare coverage for breast cancer screenings. In order to provide greater access to proper healthcare and screenings, the legislation extends the definition of low-dose mammography to include bread tomosynthesis. The radiological procedure provides cross-section 3D images of the breast used for breast cancer screening and is also referred to as 3D Mammography.

“Breast cancer while very serious, can be manageable and fade in remission if detected early with proper screening technologies. Breast tomosynthesis is a crucial tool used by medical professionals and can provide valuable information in determining a patient’s health status,” explained McAuliffe. “Ensuring that these life-saving screenings are covered in healthcare plans was a priority and I am happy to see that my colleagues have agreed.”

State Representative McAuliffe played a crucial role last year in raising awareness on the new breast cancer screenings, such as 3D Mammography and their impact in detecting breast cancer quicker. Last year, McAuliffe toured an area hospital and had the opportunity to see a 3D Mammography machine. He had the unique chance to get instruction from some of the leading healthcare professionals on the machine and the benefits of the screening procedure.

The legislation further states that healthcare plans will only cover breast tomosynthesis should the procedure not be considered a mandate under the Affordable Care Act. Since the legislation was amended in the House, the bill will revert back to the Senate for concurrence.