O’Hare to Begin New Nighttime Runway Rotation

The new plan to start rotating nighttime flights in and out of O’Hare begins Wednesday night. This six month test will run through Christmas Eve, when it will be evaluated for its effectiveness. The “Fly Quiet” plan from the Chicago Department of Aviation has received both the Federal Aviation Association and O’Hare Noise Compatibility Commission approval in recent months.

The plan will utilize diagonal runways more so than the current nighttime flight configurations. This will shift noise away from where it is concentrated around the western suburbs and NW Chicago and shift some additional noise to Rosemont, Palatine, and Des Plaines. It will help to reduce noise on the communities most severely affected and mitigate the negative impact by distributing it more evenly across other neighborhoods and communities.

Under the plan, runways used for nighttime travel will change from week to week. Below is the runway rotation schedule indicating which communities will be impacted and when (you can also download it here):                                         
The Fly Quiet Program is a voluntary program that is ultimately intended to direct aircraft over less populated areas. It’s implementation has been a part of Rep. McAuliffe’s advocacy efforts in Springfield. The testing of this plan will be another tool that the city can use to evaluate how best to mitigate and reduce noise and pollution from O’Hare.