Rep. McAuliffe Honors Slain Police Officers With Resolution

Springfield, IL… State Representative Michael McAuliffe (R-Chicago) today filed a resolution to pay tribute to the five Dallas police officers killed last week in a malicious attack. House Resolution 1360 recognizes the fallen officers and those injured in the attack who were struck down as they worked to maintain public order and safety. Rep. McAuliffe, whose father served as a Chicago police officer, has been a longstanding supporter of police and firefighters in the community and in Springfield.

“What happened in Dallas was a national tragedy,” Rep. McAuliffe said. “I’m honored to put forth this resolution to recognize their sacrifice. We here in Illinois are not immune to the dangers that police officers face on a daily basis. In my role as State Representative, I meet upstanding officers every day; in Springfield I have worked hard to represent them and advocate on their behalf.”

Rep. McAuliffe also recently took charge of legislation that would make specifically targeting a police officer or firefighter in Illinois a hate crime. The recent uptick in attacks against police officers, spurred Rep. McAuliffe to spearhead House Bill 6587.

“Given recent events and the rash of outbreaks of violence against officers across the country, legislation to protect those who put their lives on the line to protect us is more important than ever.” Rep. McAuliffe continued.

HR1360 has been filed and awaits committee assignment. Upon adoption of the resolution, copies will be shared with the Dallas community.