Bipartisan Bill Signed to Protect Vehicle Registration Relief

Springfield, IL… Today Governor Rauner signed in to law House Bill 4334, legislation that aimed to give drivers reprieve from penalties on vehicle registration should they receive no notice. In October 2015, as a result of the budget impasse, Secretary of State Jesse White announced that his office would stop the mailing of vehicle registration reminders. Many drivers were caught off guard by this sudden policy change and were hit with fees. The bipartisan bill, introduced by State Representative Jaime Andrade (D-Chicago) and co-sponsored by State Representative McAuliffe (R-Chicago), provides a one-month grace period for drivers who received no notice from the Secretary of State.

“The Secretary of State’s recent decision to resume mailing notices makes the signing of this bill untimely, but should the mailing policy change again in the coming months, this grace period will still be in place,” Rep. Andrade said. “I wish the legislative process had moved quicker in this case but I am nonetheless happy that I could advocate for my constituents on this issue.”

Earlier this month the Secretary of State’s office announced the resumption of the reminder mailers. The office made it clear that last month’s stopgap budget was a significant factor in the reinstatement of the notices. With the stopgap budget ensuring funds only until the end of the year and budget circumstances still unstable, this relief effort will give peace of mind to drivers who may suddenly found themselves again facing delinquency fees with little to no notice.

“I want to thank Representative Andrade for his proactive bipartisanship to get the bill passed as quickly as he could,” Rep. McAuliffe said. “Moving forward this could even open the door to saving taxpayer dollars in the Secretary of State’s office by not mailing these notices, but a change like that needs to be implemented slowly while ensuring no one is unduly penalized in the process, especially seniors.”

House Bill 4334 is effective until June 30th, 2017.