McAuliffe Votes No on Permanent Tax Increase with No Reforms

Springfield IL … Last night, the Illinois House of Representatives voted on a permanent increase to the state income tax. State Representative Michael P. McAuliffe (R-Chicago) issued the following statement:

“I am extremely disappointed the House took action on a budget that further increases the tax burden on hard-working Illinois families and small business owners. The people of Illinois were handed a permanent income tax hike without a property tax freeze or any hint of reform. Even worse, this budget fails to address the $15 billion backlog in unpaid bills and the $130 billion pension debt,” said McAuliffe.

“On Friday, good-faith budget negotiators were making sound progress on an agreed, compromised budget. Unfortunately, those talks were derailed Sunday afternoon as a last-minute, unadvised spending plan and permanent tax increase was filed and voted on within a few short hours. All without proper vetting,” continued McAuliffe.

McAuliffe went on to say, “Since the beginning of this budget impasse, I have been listening to the concerns of my constituents and it has been clear that they want real reforms that address the problems with our state, not a standalone permanent tax increase.”

“While last night’s vote did not result in the outcome that I had hoped, I will remain committed to working with my colleagues in search of a compromise that will make Illinois a strong, proud state,” concluded Rep. McAuliffe.

Senate Bill 9 and Senate Bill 6, the permanent income tax increase and spending plan respectively, will advance to the Illinois Senate for consideration.