Can the Tax: McAuliffe Seeks Repeal of Cook County Pop Tax

This week, the Cook County Board of Commissioners are set to take action on an ordinance to repeal the controversial Sweetened Beverage Tax. The tax has been met with overwhelmingly negative reception and public backlash.

In the event that the ordinance does not pass at the Board Meeting, State Representative Michael P. McAuliffe (R-Chicago) is prepared to continue to push the passage of House Bill 4082 which will immediately repeal the tax.

McAuliffe said in anticipation of the vote:

“Enough is enough. The people of Cook County were once again subjected to a non-vetted tax that will only hurt them and business owners alike. If the ordinance is not permanently repealed this week, I will pursue the passage of my bill at the state level that will immediately repeal the unfair tax.”

Rep. McAuliffe filed House Bill 4082 on August 15th and introduced the measure to the public during a press conference that same day. At this time, the bill is awaiting a hearing in the House Revenue and Finance Committee.

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