McAuliffe Appointed to Sexual Harassment Task Force

State Representative Michael McAuliffe today was appointed to the House Task Force on Sexual Discrimination and Harassment by House Republican Leader Jim Durkin. The task force will conduct a comprehensive review of the legal and social consequences of sexual discrimination and harassment, in both the public and private sectors.

The task force was created by House Resolution 687, which was unanimously passed last week in Springfield. In the final week of veto session, the Illinois General Assembly took many steps to address sexual harassment, including passing comprehensive legislation and conducting new training. This outpouring of response was prompted recent revelations about the harmful culture in Springfield and Illinois politics for women. 

“Like many, I have been concerned, disappointed, and outraged by what I have heard in recent weeks,” Rep. McAuliffe said. “We in Springfield must do better if we are to lead this state by example. I am committed to working on concrete steps to rectify the culture in Springfield.”

The task force will file a report with the General Assembly by the end of next year outlining the best practices to improve procedures for accepting sexual discrimination and harassment complaints, process and structure for reporting allegations, process for filing civil complaints, process for filing complaints with Department of Human Rights, and prevention of sexual discrimination and harassment in the public and private sector.