McAuliffe Selected to Gun Task Force

Today House Republican Leader Jim Durkin appointed State Representative Michael McAuliffe to serve on the Firearm Public Awareness Task Force. The task force was created by House Resolution 648, which passed the House on February 28th. 

HR 648 reconstitutes a task force that expired in 2012 and was originally responsible for finding and analyzing data from states with concealed carry laws and the number of handgun crimes in each state before and after the laws went in to effect. Illinois’ own concealed carry law was adopted in 2014. 

The new reiteration of the Firearm Public Awareness Task Force will analyze the distribution of shootings in regions across the state, the flow of illegal guns into Illinois from other states, the conditions and gun dealer practices that facilitate straw purchases, and states with the best practices for regulating handguns and rifles. 

Rep. McAuliffe was one of five members of the Illinois House Republicans to be selected for the task force and the only one whose district includes parts of Chicago, a city plagued with gun violence. In addition to state legislators, the task force will include representatives from the policing community, gun violence advocates, the Illinois’ Department of Public Health and the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office.