Statement on Governor Pritzker’s Inaugural Budget Address

Springfield, IL… In response to today’s budget address by Governor Pritzker, State Representative Michael McAuliffe (R-Chicago) has released the following statement:

“Governor Pritzker rode in on a wave of popularity and possesses supermajorities in both chambers. He is in a unique position to use his historically significant power to truly tackle our longstanding fiscal problems. Instead, it is clear from his budget address today that he plans to continue the Illinois tradition of taxing, borrowing, and spending. He plans to pay for new spending on the backs of vices like gambling and marijuana, which is both unreliable and not enough to cover the spending he has proposed, let alone pay down the bill backlog. His budget relies on a lot of speculative new revenue applied to an already overtaxed populace and he offered no significant reforms to government spending or government operations. Most disappointingly his pension plan contains some of the worst ideas of previous administrations, like payment holidays and extending the pension ramp. If Illinois is to move towards fiscal solvency we need new ideas, not old ones.”