McAuliffe Stands Against “Unfair” Graduated Income Tax

Springfield, IL…  State Representative Michael McAuliffe (R-Chicago) joined the Illinois House Republican caucus in filing House Resolution 153 stating their united opposition to Governor Pritzker’s plan to raise taxes on working families and small businesses through the implementation of a graduated income tax.

“I am opposed to the graduated income tax supported by Governor Pritzker and my colleagues on the other side of the aisle,” Rep. McAuliffe said. “After raising income taxes less than three years ago and implementing no real reforms to government operations or structural deficits, it’s unjustifiable to call for even more taxes on our already overburdened and beleaguered populace. Illinois cannot handle yet another tax hit from a government that cannot live within its means.”

In his Budget Address last week, Governor Pritzker called for the passage of a progressive income tax to fund state government and help pay down Illinois’ $130 billion in unfunded pension liabilities. The Governor did not provide details on what the tax rates and tax brackets would look like.

“No specific rate structure or tax table has been proposed by the Governor for the obvious reason that if he wants to spend what he’s proposed on the campaign trail, taxes on the vaguely worded ‘very wealthy’ won’t be enough to cover the price tag, let alone be enough to address Illinois’ structural deficits,” Rep. McAuliffe continued. “Proponents of this tax are misleading themselves and the public if they think changing the Illinois tax system this dramatically will only affect the very wealthy. As in other states, this tax will ultimately mean an increase on the middle class and even those below.”

Last year, a House Democrat sponsored House Bill 3522, which sought to impose a graduated income tax. Under this plan, the non-partisan Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability revealed that 77% of Illinois taxpayers would see an increase in their income tax liability for a total of over $5.2 Billion in new taxes.

This session, Senator Don Harmon (D-Oak Park) has begun the process of amending the Illinois Constitution to remove Illinois’ flat tax structure by filing SJRCA1.