Statement from Rep. McAuliffe on Reproductive Health Act Vote

Springfield, IL…. The Illinois House today narrowly approved the passage of the Reproductive Health Act. State Representative Michael McAuliffe (R-Chicago) issued the following statement in regards to his NO vote on the Reproductive Health Act:

“A number of constituents reached out to me on this issue and I want to thank them for their impassioned input. Ultimately, I do not believe this bill is truly for women’s reproductive health. The bill as written would almost completely deregulate the abortion industry. It would strip the rights of all unborn persons, endanger the Parental Notification of Abortion Act, and could open up doctors who refuse to perform abortions to liability. I support protecting the health and well-being of women, but I also support protecting the life of the unborn where we can. I voted no because this overreaching bill could allow for abortions at any stage of pregnancy for almost any reason. While this bill claims to be a safeguard against any future Supreme Court actions, the fact of the matter is that abortion is in no danger of being outlawed here in Illinois and this bill goes much farther than most Illinoisans are comfortable with.”