How Pharmaceutical Waste Polluting Groundwater In India

One of the biggest growing Sector in India is Pharmaceuticals, and Biotech and API Sector. At present India is a home of over 3000+ Pharma companies. They are serving to the mankind but still Few groups are not able to manage their industrial waste. I am working in Pharmaceuticals companies from last 7 Plus year and it is important to know how hazardous waste can hurt environment directly. Many Companies who set up their API and solvent plants directly releasing their waste in small river which directly contaminated the Fresh water Pounds, lakes and river. This can be a major issue for all as Natural resources can directly impact humans and animals.

Why Companies Not managing their Waste

As we said that it is compulsory for all pharmaceutical Drug making companies to set up ETP Plant at their Facility, There are few Guideline of managing biomedical waste. For those who don’t know biomedical waste are those which release from the trails done on Animals and men. This kind of waste usually release from Hospitals, and pharmaceuticals companies. Apart from this waste the major waste which is killing the environment is Liquid Drain Waste which contains hazardous solvents such as Methanol, Acids etc.

It is estimated that 72,368 Million liter of Waste waster including sewage release in the small rivers only in India, A normal personally usually think how should we treat this water so that it doesn’t contaminate the ground water, So let’s talk How to manage.

Waste Management Using ETP

ETP Stand for Effluent treatment plant which is a waste managing technique to turn Hazardous waste into Normal water, ETP Plants usually collect all the Drain water in Big Tanks whose capacity can be increase up to 20K liter. After collecting the solid slug materials, Waste water then treated with Soda lime to maintain it’s pH Level, Once the pH of the solution lies around 7.0 then it’s mean that the waste is not acidic anymore. Overall after various Filter stages, finally the Liquid waste turn into a normal water. Now as per the guideline, Fish should survive in the final water up to 80 %.

How to treat final water Extract from waste

Once all the processing is done, waste water is now can be release in plants, garden which is the best technique. Many companies in India not following ETP Guidelines and releasing the waste water directly in the river which causing cancer in Certain area, In the year 2018, Nectar LiveScience database also shut down for about 2 month, Only in Punjab companies like Virat LiveScience releasing waste water directly in the environments which is the example who rule is not strictly.

Apart from Pharmaceuticals companies, sugar mill Does not treat their waste water Through. Rivers like Ganga, Yamuna and many fresh water lake are polluted just because industrial and Residential waste is making it more polluted. Overall you guy know How can we treat groundwater.

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