5 Best PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks (2020)

The most popular game of the decade has been throttling its way into every gamer’s phone and there are no doubts that people love to play this game for its “winner winner chicken dinner”. Player Unknown’s Battleground or abbreviated as PUBG has spread its web all along with the world and if you have played this game, you know how difficult it becomes to survive out on your own. Like every game, there are pro players here as well and whenever you ask them the secret, they will always shun you with big terms like hard work and efforts. However, there are some PUBG mobile tips and tricks that these pros don’t want you to know. Yet, here we are revealing the biggest secrets of being a consistent performer in PUBG.

Now, if you are new to the game or haven’t played anytime, you should know that this game is all about survival. You can either play in a free-for-all or teams as selected by the player. However, those who have played find it quite difficult to survive till the end and this is what makes the game more intense. In this guide, we will tell you the top 5 tricks which can help you top the leaderboard every time you play. So, without further ado, let us begin with the tips and tricks.

5 PUBG Mobile Tips & Tricks:

1. Selection of landing site

One game of PUBG can last for hours or be over in seconds. It all depends on how you play. But firstly, you should always get a grip on the map to get leverage over other players and you can do by finding a fit landing spot. Generally, you should aim for the best loot spaces and by that, you can avoid other players who are waiting to prey on you. Some places are exclusively known for spawning the best weapons and armors which can give you an upper hand. Therefore, this trick has grabbed the first spot on our list of 5 PUBG mobile tips and tricks. So, the next time you are in a free-fall with a parachute, find a coast near a decent landing site.

2. Shoot after loot

As we have already mentioned before, you can either play solo or in teams. If you are playing solo and you die early, then you are dead for yourself but if you die early while playing in teams, you are putting your team’s victory at risk. So, according to us, shoot after loot and playing safe falls at the second spot of our PUBG mobile tips and tricks list. So, in the early stages of the game, make your game-plan to loot all the decent weapons, ammunition, and armors so that your rival is left barehanded and then you can defeat them in a go.

3. Find the perfect range to shoot

Each weapon has a different range of shooting and effects. While some SMGs provide you with the ability to cause severe damage to your rival, being a newcomer can alter the scenario for you. So, you must find your target in the perfect range. If you are using SMGs and shotguns, you should have close-up bursting but assault rifles can help you achieve the same effect for mid-range battles. For long-range shooting, snipers will do the work.

4. Ease out the leg work

Easing out the leg work is the next point in our 5 PUBG mobile tips and tricks list. PUBG is all about timing and strategy and when you need to cover a distance within a short period, always prefer a vehicle than walking or running. Firstly, it will save you time and energy. Vehicles are loitering all over the map. So, it won’t be difficult to find one but you have to be very clean and keen because there are other 99 players as well who will be looking out for the same.

5. Map, navigate and explore

Maps are everything to a game like PUBG and therefore, you always need to keep a track of the place where you are going. While it may take some few jabs to learn the layout, believe when we say that it is worthy. In PUBG, the safe areas are found within the circle which begins to shrink if you have stayed outside for long. So, always try to stay in the circle to keep yourself safe and avoid death.

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