PUBG UC Generator 2020 – Get Free UC Cash & Battle Points

It is quite impossible nowadays not to hear about the term PUBG. It is an acronym that stands for PlayerUnknown’s Battleground. It is an FPS (First Person Shooter) game developed and published by PUBG Corporation, which is also a subsidiary of Bluehole. PUBG was launched first on 20th December 2017 for the Windows platform only.

After its massive breakout throughout the world, it is then launched for android platforms too. Now it has topped the ranking of most played games in the world. There were online multiplayer games before PUBG was launched, such as Counter-Strike, ARMA 3 and many more. Go through the write up to know about PUBG UC generator and ways to procure some free PUBG UC Cash.

A Brief Information About PUBG UC Generator:

Similar to all other online multiplayer games, the whole mission of PUBG is focused on eliminating all other players in the game and stand out as the last one to win the match. PUBG offers 3 modes for gamers, namely, single, Duo and SQUAD. You can join with your friends locally through Facebook or Twitter or guest account. However, PUBG does not allow the guest accounts anymore as per reports of attempted hacking. You can also go for matchmaking online to play with all other players around the world.

After that, you get to choose a map. This is where PUBG also stays ahead in the race. In the beginning, when the game was launched, it offered only one map (Erangle), and gradually other maps were also added (Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikendi). There are also other arcade matches it offers for small gaming sessions. The game starts with around 100 players in the lobby who are then airdropped at the deserted island. Following that, all the players are supposed to choose their commodities, ranging from, bags, healings, guns, ammo, bulletproof jackets, and whatnot.

A player gets to stay safe and avoid getting out of the circling electric blue zone which damages your in-game health. Through eliminating each other, the last man holding the ground wins a complimentary “Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner” badge. The players this game spans through all the ages, however, it is more famous among the young people. All over, you can experience a full-length battle royal experience through PUBG.

PUBG Subscription, Free UC & Other Perks:

PUBG is free to download game launched for android and iOS platforms. What is more interesting is that PUBG has launched PUBG Prime Plus as well as PUBG Prime subscriptions for players. Excited? Let’s have some more information. With these plans, you can avail Free PUBG UC (Unknown Cash), royal pass points and a massive 80% discount on coupon crates. Yes just like free Robux you can also avail Free PUBG UC.

You can also use Funny & Cool PUBG Names for your clans. You can try skins for various in-game items, such as weapons, cars, and dresses and also enjoy some other exciting perks. For the first time users, The Prime Subscription is also offered with a huge 50% discount. What more can you expect? However, if you want to play the game on your Ps4 or PC you will have to buy the original version of it for an affordable price. The new update of 0.12.0 is now available in the beta version. What are you waiting for? Get your game updated in no time.

What makes PUBG stand out among others?

The thing that makes PUBG so famous is its user-experience. All the games before carried high resolution with them, but they were limited to killing bots before, however, PUBG makes the difference by allowing a player to terminate other players. This game has slashed all the limitations the players faced before.

A player can do almost anything in the game; ride a bike or a car, climb a hill and look for a running headshot! Isn’t it? A player gets to play this online multiplayer game for free, which is also a great aspect of its popularity. In a way, mobile and PC gamers around the world are indebted to PUBG Corporation for showing the industry how a game can help build a friendly relation among far unknowns.

PUBG UC Generator – Information

You may have found thousands of online pages claiming free UC generators for PUBG and other lucrative offers. However, you must be aware that these are not supposed to fulfill what you are opting for. These are scams for filling up different forms. The truth is, since this game is based on an online platform, it is, in a way impossible to enjoy in-game perks through some third party applications as all the game data is stored in cloud servers and not locally in your computer.

One can question the validity of this point as there are several screenshots of free UC allocation which may get you swayed. Those are attempted scams to put you into a survey or inject viruses in your system. So, it is recommended to stay away from visiting those sites. However, as mentioned before, PUBG has offered the Prime and Prime Plus subscription for its avid gamers at a very minimal price. For this, you have to get your game version updated to 0.12.0.  There are some other cool tricks too for availing free UC coupon; here is the procedure for you to try_

  • Solution1 (30UC Coupon): Open PUBG- Navigate to the events tab- go to the time-limited event- select way of the blade- then click on the airdrop and after that right-click on the window in the left corner.
  • Solution2: Google Opinion Rewards App: This is also one of the best ways of earning free UC from your PUBG. You can install the app from the play store and complete the tasks or surveys they offer. This way you can earn Google Play credits which can be exchanged for UC in PUBG game.


These are some of the legitimate ways of earning free UC for your game account. Try them, enjoy the parks and keep playing. Get your game updated and subscribes to the premium plans to enjoy the game to its fullest.