Why Bangalore Running Out of Water

Bangalore is one of the oldest and come in the top 4 mega city but latest reports confirm that this city running out of water which is scary news for the whole state. This IT Hubs and lot of skyscraper and till date city has lot of contribution in the GDP, Now the question arriving in our mind is that how can ground water in Bangalore getting so low. According to the expert this is basically due to the climate change and the High usage.

Over the past few year population of city increased sky high and currently in such a small area more than 1.4 crore living which show that how populated city is getting day by day.

Bangalore Water Crisis reason

Less Forest area :- Expect said that natural resource are drying day by day in the city and in the next few years the same can be seen in Chennai, Delhi and Hyderabad. Forest area in Bengaluru turned into residential area and Various multinational brand grabbed the land due to which there was a very less area.

Climate Change :-

Change in the climate also lead to the water crisis in Bangalore. Over the past few week it has been seen that there was very less rain falls in the city which rapidly decrease the ground level water. Usually ground water need to be recharge though rain but as there were very less rain fall observed so change in the climate was Obvious.

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