Eid Mubarak 2024 Images, GIF Animation, Message

Eid al-Fitr Images, Greetings, 2024 Gif :- Finally the Holy month of ramazan is about to end and Muslims are impatiently waiting for eid to come. This year eid is going to be celebrate on April 17th all around the world. Just before the eid people do 30 days fasting also called roza iftar. 5 time prayer on eid month is must as Allah forgive all the Crime done by us. nearly about 624 ad Hazarat Mohammad celebrate eid first time. people also believe that Prophet Mohammad gave message of Peace on this day. At present muslim all around the world celebrate eid festival with their friends and family member.

Why Eid is celebrated

Festival is based on the Five principle of islam, i.e Fasting, Prayer, hajj pilgrims, faith and Zakat. Eid is celebrate in the remembrance of Prophet, on this day hazrat Mohammad won the battle of badr. Significance of fasting is one of the major thing On eid eve. Eid is celebrated initially in Saudi arabia but as of now it is celebrated worldwide with peace and joy. Muslims do prepare vermicelli, and various sweet dishes on eid and distributed to their loved ones.

Eid Mubarak Greetings Wishes

Above listed Wallpaper are stunning and awesome but we also love to provie users Whatsapp friendly images so that people can share with their loved ones. On eid people offer namaz to allah and then hug each other, People do offer food and other items to poor kids and mosque are often full of crowd on eid day.

Eid Mubarak GIF For Whatsapp

Just like the Greetings and Photos we do have Amazing animated Gif which you can send to your favorite friends. It always amazing to Share photos with colleagues. Animation always one of the finest way to wish as it remind our childhood and make us happy.

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