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Hanuman Jayanti GIF, Whatsapp Images :- Month of april often bring many festivals such as ram Navami and Hanuman Jayanti in our life. Festivals also dedicated to hindu god lord hanuman and there are various other name such as Hanuman Jayanti, Bajrangbali Jayanti. Those who don’t know lord hanuman is avatar of lord shiva also devotee of lord rama. According to Hindu Calendar this year this Hanuman jayanti will falls on April 23th all across the world. People mostly start this festival with prayer, fasting and offering food to monkey.

Hanuman Jayanti History and Significance

According to hindu scriptures Lord hanuman is the only god who is still on earth and will be remain till the end of Era (Kalyuga.). Hanuman ji not only idol of Strength but also of Spirituality, righteous and devotion. People also familiar with the epic story of Ramayana when Lord, help Rama to find his beloved wife sita who got kidnapped by demon raavan. Lord Hanuman also helps to Created Stone bridge on Sea to help Lord rama army cross the Ocean, Apart from this, hanuman ji also save the life of Lakshmana by carrying Life saving herb Known as sanjivani.

Hanuman Jayanti Ritual, Puja Fast

If you are Hindu then it offering prayer and fasting on this day could be fruitful for you. In Hindu scripture it is clearly mention that Lord Hanuman is immortal and still exit of earth. Fast on hanuman janmotsav can Moksha (freedom from eternal cycle of life). Here is quick guide of Hanuman Jayanti puja

  1. Walk up early and get ready after taking spiritual bath. After having bath try to wear fresh cloths especially red, Saffron.
  2. Now go to nearest temple with Sweets, Bananas, Sindoor, Cloths, Flowers, Rice and Betal leaf. If you are praying at your home then it is good to sit in front of Idol.
  3. Many Hanuman ji Powerful manta such as Hanuman Chalisa, Bajrang bang and Ram Lalla aarti are the Popular Hymns.
  4. Only one meal should be consumed in the fast and mostly the meal is made of sweet dish. you can end up the fast by donating food and cloths to needy or poor people.

Hanuman Jayanti 2024 GIF

Lord Hanuman Beautiful Wallpaper

GIF Indeed one of the collest way to wish anyone but sometime simple Photos and Greetings are enough to wish anyone. So let’s check some amazing Hanuman ji pictures.

May this year lord Hanuman gave all the happiness and peace in your life. Jai Shree ram

On this auspicious day may all your bad days washed off from your life and lord hanuman gave you a positive start.

Dear all Let’s us celebrate this day with Full of Joy and let’s take blessing from the supreme god for permanent happiness.

May the blessing of lord hanuman gave us strength and positivity in this tough time. Happy Hanuman Jayanti

May Lord Hanuman bless all his devotee to overcome all the troubles and obstacles in your life.

May Lord rama and mata sita bless your family with Good health and wealth on this auspicious day.

Let’s come froward to celebrate the janmotsav (birthday) of our beloved god Bajrang bali and take his bless on this special day. Jai Shree ram

I hope this hanuman Jayanti bring a positive and wealthy start in your life and may god show you the road of success.

May the Divine Power and Spiritually always put you on the path of righteousness. Jai Shree ram

On the occasion of Hanuman Jayanti may lord Hanuman gave your strength, courage, Wisdom. Wishing you Joy Spiritual growth. Jai Hanuman #hanumanJayanti

I Hope the above listed Gif and Images will Surely impress all of you. May this day bring lot of Sweet and Joyful moments in your life. For all other latest Update keep in touch with our homepage

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